About Shula's

Changing The Way Health & Fitness Is Done.


Thank You For Considering Shula’s!
We realize you have many choices available when it comes to fitness & health, so we thank you for allowing us to present some information on our Club and how we feel we can best serve you.
Having been a part of the fitness industry for the past 30+ years, we have witnessed many of the poor standards that seem to be so prevalent in today’s clubs. Gyms where sales numbers are more important than member results, where personal training standards are ridiculously poor or non-existent, and good training programs and qualified instruction are almost impossible to find. We are offering a different solution…one that is focused
on you and the personal results you trust us to help you achieve.

Our fitness training program, THRIVE, was voted #1 in America by Men’s Health! 

We have one of the best coaching teams and one of the best fitness programs in the
nation! For us, it’s all about getting the maximum results, for the maximum number of
people, in the shortest period of time! It is our mission to give you the guidance, support and motivation you need to accomplish your goals.

We also realize that we cannot be the cheapest and the best at the same time. So we decided to be the best. That is our commitment. That is our passion. Getting in shape should not be a “do it yourself project”. Our industry has made a mistake by substituting exercise machines for real help and support. We are not in the machine rental business, as are many of the low-priced gyms. The last thing we want you to do is walk endlessly on a treadmill with no real help or guidance. We are trained professionals with a passion to help you succeed.

At Shula’s, we offer training methods and tools that are untraditional, athletic and functionally-based. We train and teach movements rather than individual muscles. We train everyone as an athlete… and everyone has an athlete within them. We can make your life better!

Business as usual is not Shula’s Athletic Club – we are relentlessly learning and improving our programs and services to better support you. We’ve made many friends and helped thousands of members achieve the biggest benefit of fitness – Quality of Life! We’ve been doing it for over 30 Years and we are proud to be a locally owned and operated family business.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to personally meeting you!

Live Inspired!

Bill Higgs
General Manager