Active Adults

Annette Prior-Perez

Fitness Director
Annette started teaching fitness classes in 1981 and she has 30 years’ experience. She has been employed at Shula’s Athletic Club since day 1 of operations on October 1982. Currently she is the Fitness Director and is also a Fitness Instructor. Some of Annett’s other experiences are in the capacity of Wellness Coordinator, Personal Trainer, and Personal Services Manager at Doral Spa. From 1988-1989 Annette was the Assistant Media Director for the Lipton International Players Championship in Key Biscayne.


All - Beginning B - Intermediate I - Advanced A

Beginning (B)

Starting Level Participant. Perfect for the person who has been sedentary or has not had a consistent exercise program within the last year.

Intermediate (I)

Must be able to stand for a minimum of 30 minutes or more. No severe medical conditions.

Advanced (A)

Must be able to stand for an entire class. Must be in excellent physical condition.

Class Descriptions

Aqua Classes(All)

Experience the power of a wet workout using water as its own resistance. Bring your own noodle.


No seated exercise. High intensity, low impact workout alternates cardiovascular exercise with resistance training using weights during timed intervals.

Light And Lively (I/A)

No seated exercise. Low impact, high energy rhythmic exercise class with strength training using weights.

Silver Sneakers I (B)

Standing class with optional seated final stretch. Cardiovascular and resistance exercise is alternated throughout the class using balls, tubing, and weights.

Silver Spin (I/A)

High intensity cardiovascular exercise is performed on stationary bicycle.

Step Circuit (I/A)

No seated exercise. Step choreography performed on and off the bench alternated with resistance exercises throughout the workout using various equipment.

Tai Chi (I/A)

No seated exercise. Ancient Chinese exercise that focuses on breathing and energy channels. Promotes internal healing and balance.