Breast Cancer Survivor, Mercy Moore

There’s nothing subtle about breast cancer. And Mercy Moore can attest to that.

In 2012, Mercy’s cancer had spread (metastasized) from its original location to her bones making it difficult to continue working. As a Chase Bank employee and Bob Graham PTSA volunteer, continuing to work became too difficult. Mercy says the hardest part about being disabled is simply trying to live a normal life through the pain the cancer has caused.

Despite her difficulties, Mercy is passionate about raising awareness for those diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She says that being involved with organizations who conduct research for stage 4 patients is very important. And although metastatic breast cancer has no cure, it can be treated. Receiving proper treatment can increase both quality of life and longevity. This is what research continues to improve on, assisting with easing the daily pains of living with such an aggressive cancer.

In 2014 Mercy underwent a major surgery on her back, causing her to stop the high impact Zumba classes she loved. But that wouldn’t stop Mercy from being active. She currently enjoys Karen’s water aerobics classes and is perusing Pilates at Shula’s Athletic Club as alternatives.

The Colombia born, St. Croix raised, and current Miami Lakes resident embodies all aspects of a phenomenal woman.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Shula’s Athletic Club continues to support its ongoing research. This month, our glow in the dark events are back and better than ever!

GLO For The Cure is a series of fitness classes at Shula's, where we'll be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Women's Breast and Heart Initiative!

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Written by: Ashley Perez

Edited by: Andrew Low