Coach Spotlight | Kevin Byrd

Born and raised in the heart of Miami, Florida, Kevin Byrd is no stranger to the basketball courts.

Kevin grew up playing basketball at a young age, connecting with the game on a higher level than most. With many successes and disappointments in life, the one true love that has stuck around for Kevin has been basketball. The game of basketball allowed Kevin to let go of his own thoughts and worries and become a part of something bigger than himself, a team!

Kevin's skill and talent have landed him spots on many local team rosters, including the Miami Tropics semi-pro team.

For the past four years, Kevin has made a positive impact on the many kids who have come to play in the youth basketball program at Shula's Athletic Club. Starting as a referee, Kevin was soon nominated to take over a volunteer coaching role. With his love of basketball and helping children learn the fundamentals of the game wrapped into one, what better opportunity to take! Kevin gladly accepted the new role as a coach with open arms for the following season.

Kevin embraced the challenge of teaching kids, not only the game of basketball, but key character traits needed along life's journey. Coach Kevin teaches his team to value the unity and loyalty they create during practice, while also building meaningful relationships with his players. His time and efforts have not gone unnoticed as he sharpens his team’s skills and talents, both on and off the court.

To Kevin, basketball is many things... it is hurt, struggle, work, and joy, but most of all, basketball is love.

Written by: Ashley Perez

Edited by: Andrew Low