Fit Kids for Summer!

There are only a few weeks left of summer vacation. Are your kids registered to join the fun at Shula’s All Sports Camp?!


Shula’s summer camp has been a success, since it began in 1996. It is a special type of community where kids come together to have fun while keeping active. Being a sports camp, activities like kickball, basketball, soccer, and hockey are weekly rituals. Other activities include arts and crafts, such as sand art, coloring, and painting, as well as board games, tag, and dance parties. Campers get to go for a dip in the pool and even walk over to Main Street’s theatre for a movie! And if that’s not enough, each week features a special event, anything from waterslides and rock walls to Marlins games and color wars. Campers are fully immersed in friendly competition amongst their peers, learning about the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.

It’s important for growing children to experience a camp setting. At camp, kids develop a sense of independence and become more confident. It helps to build self-esteem by removing the academic aspect that shapes their usual school lives. The camp provides a safe environment, with both counselors and volunteers keeping an eye out, interacting with the group, and providing encouragement to try new things. As campers socialize with their peers, they unplug from technology and engage in real activities while making lasting friendships. Shula’s All Sports Camp is a slice of carefree living where kids can play, laugh, and be silly all day long.

Be sure to register early as groups fill up fast. Shula’s All Sports Camp runts until August 18th.

To register, please call 305-820-8025

Written by: Ashley Perez

Edited by: Andrew Low