Get to Know Zach Landry | Director of THRIVE | Miami Lakes Personal Training

Zach Landry recently joined #TeamShula as the Director of THRIVE, our small group training program. We had the opportunity to interview him briefly to provide a glimpse into who he is. Next time you're in the Club, stop by the Training Room to say hello!

Why did you get into this industry?
Because I wanted to train young athletes, to help them to build their self-confidence and to show them that they are capable of achieving incredible things!

What do you love and hate most about our industry?
I love that we help people to reach their goals and to live healthier lives. I hate that the sharing of faulty and sometimes misleading information via social media has led to people unknowingly developing bad workout habits in some cases.

What has been your biggest contribution to our industry so far?
Teaching new and current trainers proper techniques to get clients more functional and stronger as well as less injury prone.

What's your favorite cheat meal?
It's a tie between a bacon cheese burger and pizza. It's hard to decide sometimes!

Why is THRIVE better than any other program out there?
Because it is based on each individual member's functional movement screen (FMS) to determine any areas of weakness or lack of mobility/flexibility. Armed with this information, our coaches are able to provide a customized exercise program for them and to progress them to become functionally stronger, decreasing the risk of injuries.