Long Time GM Reaches Finish Line


Photographed: Bill Higgs

15 years ago, there was an article written in the Miami Laker titled “Bill Higgs has been on the job for the long run”. It talked about how some people are sprinters while others, like Bill, are in it for the long run.

August 9th makes 35 years that Bill has ambitiously poured his heart into this community with the goal of helping people live a better life.I am sad to say that our loving General Manager is retiring but extremely glad for him at the same time. Retirement will bring with it a lot of traveling, hiking of the beautiful national parks, mountain biking, new adventures and most importantly family time.

Even though you won’t spend long work hours at the club, I personally know you will keep pursuing your passion towards the fitness industry. I can see you walking into gyms across the nation or visiting the hotel gym, not only to workout but to see what’s “new” or “different”, and what equipment they’re using. You will spend endless amount of hours learning about nutrition and fitness with the goal of not only bettering your life but those around you.

It all started as a sports and social club named Miami Lakes Athletic Club which through the years evolved into Shula’s Athletic Club, the legendary fitness and sports complex that gives you the guidance, support, and motivation you need to accomplish your goals. Thank you for always embracing change.

Please stop by to see Bill on his last weeks and as Bill would say "Live Inspired!"

Written by: Yohn Diaz

Edited by: Andrew Low