National Heart Month at Shula’s

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that every year, about 600,000 Americans die due to heart disease…That’s 1 out of every 4 deaths.
Heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death in the United States but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back.


February is National Heart Month and Shula’s Athletic Club is here to keep you healthy and active. One of the best ways to prevent heart disease is with routine cardiovascular training.

The heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle, it becomes stronger as a result of exercise. When your heart is strong, it is able to pump blood through the body with less strain and can continue to work at a high level.

One of the best ways to fight heart disease is by running. Have you ever noticed how lean runners are? It’s because running helps you burn fat and keeps your body toned. Running is not only a great way to lose weight, it also helps balance stress levels and reduces your chances of developing other health conditions that put pressure on your heart.


But let’s be honest, when most people hear the word “running” as a means of exercise, they want to run away. But hold on! There are different levels of running based on intensity levels:

  • High intensity training (H.I.T)

  • Moderate intensity training (M.I.T)

  • Low intensity training (L.O.W.)

Think of what you are doing when you exercise:

  • Are you pushing yourself to achieve the results you want?

  • Are you getting the results you want?

  • Do you even know where to begin?

If the answers are no, it is because many people don’t know what’s best for them. At Shula’s Athletic Club, we are committed to you and we offer two great ways help you meet your goals:

  1. Cardiovascular Assessment- This is a review of your present cardiovascular conditioning. It is a safe and easy way to gauge where you can begin in order to get the best results.

  2. Movement Screening- This easy assessment is performed by one of our Miami Lakes personal trainers to determine which type of activity is safe and appropriate for you by taking into account existing injuries or reoccurring pains. It is a great way to avoid injury and maximize your workout results.

This information helps correct any imbalances in order for the entire body to perform efficiently and safely. Only then can you gradually increase the difficulty of your training to achieve your goals faster while keeping your body and heart healthy in the future.

Let’s start the new year by keeping your body and your heart healthy. Let’s fight back against heart disease.