Pay Yourself

Pay yourself in the sense of non-materialistic things. We all have hectic lives, whether we’re professionals, students, or even stay-at-home parents. We get caught up in following our schedules, getting work done, feeding the kids, getting enough sleep, making time for friends and family, and so many other daily struggles. But other than getting a semi decent amount of sleep and eating, how many of us truly take a break and focus on ourselves? I can say one thing, all your daily duties will not get done correctly, if you’re not at your best.

Stop. Breathe. Go on vacation. Get a gym membership to let out all that steam. Treat yourself to a nice dinner. Learn to sew.

Do something that will let you detach from this crazy world and make you truly happy, so that you can be a better person for those around you. The work will get done if you are more relaxed and focused.

Parents, did you know that the more time you spend taking care of yourselves, the better the emotional and physical health of your kids? How we feel affects those around us, especially the little ones. When there’s intense stress, they feel it too. Let’s not forget that they learn from the environment, and showing them that taking care of yourself is important, will make them grow up believing the same.

Let’s take the time to focus on our physical and mental well-being by taking advantage of our 21-Day THRIVE Transformation, to become the best version of ourselves.

Written By: Nicole Smith
Edited By: Andrew Low