Supermarket Shopping Tips


It's no secret that healthy living starts with your diet. Read on as Shula's Coach Rickie Ali lays out 10 tips to keep you on the right track as you make your weekly grocery store trip!

1. Never go to the store when you're hungry. Seriously. Just don't. do. it.

2. If possible, do not take children with you. Having the little ones along can easily result in unhealthy impulse purchases.

3. Plan ahead. Make a list and stick to it!

4. Shop around the outside perimeter of the store first. This is where all of the healthier items are located.

5. When going down the aisles (if you must!), leave your shopping cart at the end so that your hands can only carry so much. This eliminates grabbing any unnecessary items. Make only one pass per aisle.

6. Choose organic items whenever you can based on your budget. Choose real, wholesome, minimally or unprocessed foods.

7. Stay away from foods that have cartoon characters on the label to entice kids. These almost always contains unhealthy ingredients.

8. Avoid foods that contain more than five ingredients on the label. And, if you cannot pronounce it or find it in a dictionary, should you really be eating it? (NO!).

9. When buying fruits and vegetables, use a rainbow of color for optimal nutrients.

10. Be aware of sources of hidden sugar on labels that are not obvious – anything with dextrose, cane crystals, corn syrup, sugar alcohol, carbitol, erythritol, hexitol, inversol, maltodextrin, mannitol, xylitol, zylose, sorbitol, sorghum, sucanet, xylitol, pentose, disaccharides, diglycerides are all sugar! Some that you may recognize include maple syrup (and anything with syrup), high fructose, honey, cane juice, maltose, lactose, nectars, milk sugar, anything with malt, corn sweetener, and molasses, anything with sugar. Avoid these as well!