What brings people into our Thrive room?

One of the gems here at Shula’s is our THRIVE program. Ask any THRIVE member and they’ll say that the trainers are some of the best of the best!

But what makes people stick to THRIVE? Well our Thrive Defensive Director, Zach Landry says the number 1 reason is accountability.

He goes further to add:

"The reason our THRIVE members join in the first place is because they either know they’re not going to do it on their own, they don’t know how without hurting themselves, and the biggest thing is just that they need someone to bug them to come in every single day."

THRIVE coaches hold themselves responsible to make sure their clients come in when they’re supposed to and push them to reach their goals. The way the THRIVE team sees it, their clients are family and they’re going to do whatever it takes to help them, even if it’s calling and texting to make sure they come in, until it just becomes a routine or just to check up on them to see how things are going.

They work around your schedule too! And with their “needs analysis,” they work to find out your “why” to help you get where you want to be.

After a short time, many if not most, THRIVE members create a bond with fellow members and coaches.

“Once clients see that they are doing things they never could do before, like a push up or go for a hike with their family, they’ll want to stay, and we make ourselves accountable to help them get there,” says Zach.

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Written By: Nicole Smith
Edited By: Derek Lee