Workout Tips

We all know that exercise is movement and movement burns calories and builds lean muscle. But did you know that you may not be getting the most from your workouts? Below are a few tips to help you improve each workout and to ultimately reach your fitness goals faster whether that means losing fat, increasing muscle mass, improving overall health and wellness or some combination of all of the above.

Workout Tip #1: Keep moving! Please, don’t do this: sit on a machine, do a set, sit there for 1 to 2 minutes to rest and tell someone “I have two more sets.” Most of us spend a considerable amount of time sitting. We sit to work, sit to drive and sit to eat. When you’re working out, DON’T SIT! Stay active. Stand. Move in some way to promote more muscle use and increase the calories you’re burning.

Workout Tip #2: Make each movement take at least 4 seconds from start to finish – 2 seconds to contract and 2 seconds to relax and return to the starting position. We’re all familiar with reps, weight and rest, but tempo (the speed of each rep) is an often overlooked variable. Although people at different fitness levels may work at a different tempo, a good rule of thumb is 2/2 mentioned above. Stop in to talk with one of our certified personal trainers to discuss your particular goals, fitness level and ideal tempo.

Workout Tip #3: While using a full range of motion, the slow, controlled movement back to the start position is actually where most strength gains are realized. Deliberately controlling a movement from start to finish through a full range of motion places muscles under the most amount of work, burns the most calories and causes all the muscles performing the movement to tone, develop, grow and get stronger!

For more fitness tips or for answers to your workout-related questions, please feel free to stop by to talk with me or one of the other certified personal trainers at Shula’s Athletic Club.