Personal Coaching

Each month you will receive a customized program designed for you to reach your goals. Your program is unique and based on your fitness evaluation and functional movement screen so we can identify and correct and imbalances and weakness in your movements. Your coach will explain specifically the reasons behind your program .You will meet with your coach several times per month to ensure every workout is efficient and effective.Our members that choose our personal coaching programs benefit and achieve their results the most. Your program is designed around a cutting edge programming system that includes more than just “cardio & strength”.

Each workout is formatted with the following sequence: prime, prep, power, strength & core, and burn. This sequence of movements has been researched to provide the body with longer epoc otherwise know as post oxygen consumption which yields a higher metabolism for hours after your workout has ended. Your personal coach will explain these components during your fitness evaluation.We welcome all of our members to a complimentary fitness evaluation every eight weeks to measure your progress and keep you motivated.